Manufacturer pricing

Beyond the free referencing of your products with our customers, Deck supports you on all your digitalisation projects. Our offer is fully modular to help you manage pace, size and budget. By subscribing to new credits, you can set up the platform to suit your needs.

Cost of a credit

Quarterly payment in advance 1 credit = €1.2k/year = €300/quarter
Annual payment in advance (2 months free) 1 credit = €1k/year

1- Define your product perimeter 

Deck is above all a platform dedicated to PPEs: you can define your product perimeter to filter the PPEs you want to search for:
Free Your product range
  • Acces, control and certification of the products in your range

1 credit

100 products

20 credits

All products from a first segment
+ 10 credits For each additional segment
60 credits

All PPE products in our database

2- Manage your licences 

Licences provide your users with custom access to the platform.
Free 1 platform admin licence
  • Management, control and certification of the products in your range
1 credit 1 power user licence
  • Access, contributions and structuring of your platform
1 credit 3 user licences
  • Unlimited access and contributions to your platform
1 credit 15 viewer licences
  • View-only access to 3 platform entities

3- Open your modules

Digitise your products and share your expertise

Unlike a traditional Product Information Management system, the Expert PIM is enriched with PPE business line expertise to help you collect, enhance and share information about the products in your range.

Manage your products

Take control of your technical data on Deck
  • Acces to all the data related to your products 
  • Unlimited management, addition and correction of your product data 
5 credits

Expert PIM

Collect, enrich and share your products' technical data
  • Conversion of your data and current structure
  • Unlimited creation of new products
  • Unlimited creation of attributes
  • Unlimited exports

5 credits

Managing your internal organisation

Intergration non-technical product data from within your organisation 
  • Complete modelling of your environments (sales areas, countries, labs, factories, etc..)
  • Product managing using SKUs : (sizes, zone codes, packaging, etc.)
  • Regular import of your environments (inventory plans, sales plan by entity)
  • Unlimited exports 

5 credits

Collaborative management of your translations

Delegating translations across all your languages to the right people to your agencies.
  • Access to existing community translations
  • Unlimited addition of fiels to be translated, languages and translation contributors
  • Integration of your translations into your Deck tools
  • Google Translate automatic translations (see “Desk”)

5 credits

Technical Data Sheets

Editing and maintaining your customised data sheets
  • On-the-fly creation of your data sheets based on your template
  • Included: 2 Desk credits to create your templates

5 credits

Selection Guide

Guiding your visitors through the products in your range
  • Creation, customisation and hosting of your Selection Guide
  • Redirecting results to your product pages
  • Management of the geographical areas where the product is sold
  • Includes: 1 Desk credit to create a custom Selection Guide

5 credits

Web Product Pages

Entrusting us with the management of your website’s product pages
  • Content generation for your product pages in each of your languages
  • Creation of an export format compatible with your website
  • (or) Generation and hosting of your product pages
  • Creation and hosting of your custom online catalogue
  • Included: 2 Desk credits to create your templates

Manage your customer relations

Transform your Deck platform into an acquisition tool to boost your PPE business.

5 credits

Private areas for customers

Creating dedicated areas on your website for each of your customers
  • Unlimited manual creation of private access for your customers
  • Provision of custom tools for your customers (selection guides, catalogues, substitutions)
  • (If CRM module) Automatic generation of a private access by customer in the CRM
  • (If BI module) Access to your customers’ sales statistics

10 credits

Business Intelligence

Managing and exploiting the quantitative data related to your customers
  • Pricing management by sales area/customer
  • Management of special prices
  • Monthly compilation and update of sales per customer

15 credits

(Projects) CRM

Connecting your salespeople around information and highly qualified leads
  • Creation of an entity for each distributor and/or end customer
  • Contact management and customer information (Projects)
  • Traffic reports, price statements, workstations (Beta)
  • Opportunity Management ( Project)

30 credits

(Project) Customer Web Shop

Allowing ordering directly from your website
  • Connection with your ERP’s customer data
  • Allowing ordering for your BtoB customers
  • Order process
  • Generation of receipt confirmations and invoices

4- Entrust us with your assignments

Our Desk allows you to involve the PPE analytics team on your own priorities. You credit a budget at the beginning of the year, and spend it as you go along.

1 credit

(= one team day)

Assignment examples:

  • Integration external data (competitor prices, price surveys, sales targets)
  • Modelling of your market (integration of tenders and market compensations)
  • Generation of analysis and highly qualified leads
  • Custom marketing analysis
  • Template customisation
  • Rationalisation
  • Special developments

What’s included

No development, initialisation, installation, development or upgrade costs. From day one, you benefit from an operational, regularly enriched and up-to-date platform, centred on your industry’s needs, and accessible without any install from any device. Every aspect that can be pooled is included. Only specific work (i.e. that will not be used by other platform members) is invoiced on a time-spent basis (see our Desk offerr).

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