End-user pricing

Define a clear and efficient PPE strategy that you can share easily

Annual prices, to be paid in advance. Annual pricing makes you save 2 months compared to quaterly pricing !

Define your
product perimeter

Choose your licenses
1 K€ / 100 products +1K€ / Power user
Give your power users the ability to organise and explore the data they need in different contexts
  • Access to all products of the perimeter
  • Read, contribute, create, share and admin illimited number of contexts.
+1K€ / 3 users
Give your users read an contribution rights on the contexts which concern them
  • Access to all products of your perimeter
  • Read and contribute to illimted number of contexts
+1K€ / 15 viewers
  • or
  • +10K€ for all your collaborators
    Give your viewers access to a unique context
    • Access to a subset or all products of your perimeter
    • Read one unique context
    20K€ / distributor
  • or
  • free if the distributor has already access to Deck
    Get a clear vision on the follow-up and the alignement of your market with your strategy
    • Agreggate your purchase statistics in a single tool, even with in a multiple distributors configuration
    • Track off-market products
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