Introducing Deck

Deck is the first collaborative platform dedicated to PPE professionals.

Our objective is to provide all PPE stakeholders with a collaborative space where everyone can find:

  •        The right product data
  •        The right tools for their daily missions
  •        The right methodology to digitise their business

Operating principle

Our mission is to provide solutions to all stakeholders in the PPE industry. Unwavering independence and benevolent neutrality are part of PPE analytics’ DNA.

  •        Products are processed on the basis of factual information and their technical properties: they are not ranked, except based on the criteria you wish to apply, according to your own objectives.
  •        Tools are developed in-house by our teams to meet the specific needs of the PPE industry.
  •        Our customers’ confidential information is secure, confidential and legally protected. We do not own it.
  •        Our capital structure and business model allow us to be fully independent to best serve our customers’ needs.

Our team

Our team’s mission is to create a platform to support you on a daily basis. Continuous improvement of this platform heavily depends on your feedback. Do not hesitate to contact us via chat, email or Linkedin.

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